Making your money work harder for you,
with ease and ethics

“Prosperity is the fruit of labour. It begins with saving money” – Abraham Lincoln

Introducing ‘Property 101’

The course for those who’ve always wanted to invest in property, but never quite had the courage to take the plunge.

You’ve likely thought about it before, but put it in the ‘too hard’ or ‘too scary’ pile…

But you also know you want to be making your hard-earned money work harder for you.

If you’ve always been interested in property investment, but you’re apprehensive about getting started, you need some step-by-step guidance.

Questions come fast when you let yourself think about it.

  • Where and how do you start?
  • What makes a ‘good’ investment?
  • How do you protect yourself?

Property 101 is here to hold your hand

With more than 20 years’ experience each (46 years combined) Pollyanna and Hannah have invested in properties and also in multiple courses & mentorships that have taught us numerous different strategies: – Rent2rent, buy to let, serviced accommodation, flips, HMO, lease options and developments.

Between us we have tried most of them and have the battle scars to prove it

Tenants can be your biggest asset or your biggest headache, handling them with care while safeguarding yourself and your investment is essential.

We are on hand to share the pitfalls (so that you can avoid them!) the lessons we’ve learned and even the useful contacts and relationships we’ve made along the way.

Government tax changes mean it is more challenging than in the past to make a profitable portfolio. Property is generally a long-term strategy.

More than ever, it is essential to have good knowledge and the right guidance so you can make decisions with your eyes wide open without learning the hard, painful and expensive way.

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Would you like to own your own property?

If you think you will never be able to own your own property; because of a lack of deposit, low credit score, debt, self-employment or you’re just nervous of taking the steps to get on the property ladder, then we are here to help you.

Nirvana Investors is an ethical value driven company helping renters who feel stuck to get onto the home ownership ladder by offering a long-term rent with the option to buy.

We look at your individual circumstances and together with you, create the best solution for you. By knowing what is holding you back, we can hold your hand through each step of the process to move you closer to your dream of owning your own home.

Visit us on Facebook where you can follow the journey of the people we are helping. Will your family be next?

We run a 6-week course “Steps to Home Ownership” which will give you all the tools to start putting in place what you will need to become mortgageable. You’ll be supported by us and will take the course with a group of people on the same journey as you, and you’ll have a safe place to ask any questions. We invite guest experts to keep you up to date with any changes and provide introductions to brokers, accountants, and advisors when you need these.

It really IS possible to become a homeowner for most people, whatever your circumstances; you just need to learn how.

Does this sounds like just what you have been looking for?

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Our Mission

To bring together ethical investors, wanting to give back and support people getting their foot on the ladder (or back on the ladder after financial ups and downs) with future home owners, looking for a place to settle down and make their own.

Nirvana Investors was created from the challenges arising during Covid-19 when Pollyanna was approached by a lady (let’s call her Jane) following a sudden relationship breakdown.

Jane needed to flee with her two girls into a tiny rented property. Not only was she grieving her relationship, her hopes and dreams for the future, but she became a stuck renter in a property too small for her needs with a landlord only willing to give a 6 months tenancy.

We offered to help and together found a beautiful 3 bedroom home for Jane and her daughters.   Nirvana Investors will buy the house, and it will be rented to Jane with an option to buy in place for her to exercise in the future when her circumstances are different.  Nirvana Investors (with Pollyanna’s expertise in financial coaching) will work with Jane to enable her to secure a mortgage in the future.

In the meantime, Jane’s young family are able to live in their home safe in the knowledge that no-one is going to sell from under them, they can decorate as they want to and can even have a pet! They can make improvements and put down roots.

We’ve realised many women (and men) may be in a similar position.

About Us

Pollyanna and Hannah share a passion for
property, investment, coaching and financial security

Pollyanna England

I have owned and let property since 1996. My first husband was a builder and my second an Estate Agent; I must really love property!

All landlords will have stories of success and also tenants that caused sleepless nights. The journey is never boring. Like most people who get the property bug, at first I thought that you just bought a property and rented it out to a person or family (that’s called a single buy to let). Over the years I learnt and used new strategies with good success – rent2rent, HMO and serviced accommodation. All these are great ways to invest. I learned that to earn more reward it takes more work, great negotiation and a bit of luck. I saw the potential in it. I decided to get ‘good’ at property, and I’m so glad I did.

The property industry has changed and continues to do so, with a lot of government intervention, and a lot of new property trainers!

Over the years, I became a bit of a course junkie and like a sponge absorbed all I could. I learned to take care of myself, financially and in all other ways, in order to be in a great place to help others. Women’s empowerment, money coaching, varies quality property courses, training and speaker, the list is endless.

For me personally, everything I am involved in helps others in some way. That I get to apply everything I’ve learned through this company thrills me. My knowledge and skills will help to home people who never thought they might own a house. That’s priceless.

This company has given me a huge purpose and mission to help as many people as I can, but I cannot do it alone, and don’t want to. I’m excited to have you join me on the journey.

Hannah Beko

Passionate about everything to do with property from a young age, I knew straight away that as a lawyer I would specialise in property and as soon as I was earning enough, start investing in my own.

Buying my first investment property in 2002 aged 22, this was the start of my journey into buying, selling, renting, management and investment. I once said in an interview that property was in my blood and I think it’s true.

Constantly boring my children with stories of land or buildings we pass that I’ve had something to do with, I’m always on the lookout for interesting opportunities.

Entering into my own lease option with my first tenant buyer 3 years ago, demonstrated how this solution is an absolute winner. For the owner, with no more worries about maintenance, repair or decoration, or endlessly replacing tenants. For the tenant buyer, moving into a home they can call their own, decorating it, investing in it, even having a dog!

If you’re someone looking to make a difference and earn some interest at the same time, or someone who thought home ownership was out of your reach for now, get in touch for a chat.

If this sounds like a fit for you, please contact us to discuss how we can work together, our course details or to download our brochure for investors.