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Nirvana Investors was created from the challenges arising during Covid-19 when Pollyanna was approached by a lady (let’s call her Jane) following a sudden relationship breakdown.

Jane needed to flee with her two girls into a tiny rented property. Not only was she grieving her relationship, her hopes and dreams for the future, but she became a stuck renter in a property too small for her needs with a landlord only willing to give a 6 months tenancy.

We offered to help and together found a beautiful 3 bedroom home for Jane and her daughters. Nirvana Investors bought the house, it is rented to Jane with an option to buy in place for her to exercise in the future when her circumstances are different.  Nirvana Investors (with Pollyanna’s expertise in financial coaching) will work with Jane to enable her to secure a mortgage in the future.

In the meantime, Jane’s young family are able to live in their home safe in the knowledge that no-one is going to sell from under them, they can decorate as they want to and can even have a pet! They can make improvements and put down roots.

Since working with Jane, Nirvana Investors have gone on to help more families in a similar position.

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Our 4th family of a single mum with 2 children

Our 4th family of a single mum with 2 children

We are currently fundraising to support our 4th family in need. Read Marys' story... This is what our lovely lady wrote. We will call her Mary, "Home is the place where we feel safe. I have never really felt that. As a kid I used to sneak out of the house to escape my...

It started with a phone call

It started with a phone call

We are very proud to be featured in the One Of Many Blog!   Here's an extract...   The seed of an idea   “I’m very solutions orientated and I have a property business, so I said, okay, right. My company will buy a property. And then, when life gets...


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