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Introducing ‘Property 101’

The membership for those who’ve always wanted to invest in property, but never quite had the courage to take the plunge.

You’ve likely thought about it before, but put it in the ‘too hard’ or ‘too scary’ pile…

But you also know you want to be making your hard-earned money work harder for you.

If you’ve always been interested in property investment, but you’re apprehensive about getting started, you need some step-by-step guidance.

Questions come fast when you let yourself think about it.

  • Where and how do you start?
  • What makes a ‘good’ investment?
  • How do you protect yourself?

Property 101 is here to hold your hand


With more than 20 years’ experience each (46 years combined) Pollyanna and Hannah have invested in properties and also in multiple courses & mentorships that have taught us numerous different strategies: – Rent2rent, buy to let, serviced accommodation, flips, HMO, lease options and developments.

Between us we have tried most of them and have the battle scars to prove it

Tenants can be your biggest asset or your biggest headache, handling them with care while safeguarding yourself and your investment is essential.

We are on hand to share the pitfalls (so that you can avoid them!) the lessons we’ve learned and even the useful contacts and relationships we’ve made along the way

Government tax changes mean it is more challenging than in the past to make a profitable portfolio. Property is generally a long-term strategy.

More than ever, it is essential to have good knowledge and the right guidance so you can make decisions with your eyes wide open without learning the hard, painful and expensive way.



Come and join our exciting new membership to learn all about property investing in a way that works for you. Save the tens of thousands of pounds we have invested in ourselves to gain this knowledge for yourself.

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